Zubair SEC, Oasis Logistics celebrate first anniversary of Biladi Mart Wholesale Shop
Monday, August 28, 2017

Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) and Oasis Logistics celebrated the first anniversary of the inauguration of the Biladi Mart Wholesale shop in Bidiyah. The anniversary celebration was attended by executive management of Oasis Logistics, The Zubair Corporation and Zubair SEC team along with members of the local community.

The Biladi Mart Wholesale shop, a collaboration project with Oasis Logistics, is owned and run by Zubair SEC member, Naser Said Mohammed Al Hajri, who is a partner at Modern Nature World. Al Hajri was also a winner of the 2016 edition of Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme. Biladi Mart is dedicated to selling wholesale FMCG products of Oasis Logistics, a Zubair group company established in 2012 that focuses on the distribution of a gamut of branded food and non-food products.

Expressing his happiness over completing a successful one-year journey, Al Hajri said, “This initiative is the result of Zubair SEC’s collaboration with Oasis Logistics Company. I am thankful for the appreciation, attention, follow up and direction provided by the Group General Manager of Oasis Water. I am eternally grateful to the guidance of Zubair SEC. This has led to a productive first year.”

Al Hairi lauded the assistance received from Zubair SEC and Oasis Logistics teams. This, he felt, has had a major impact on the success of the shop. He informed that the support has helped him diversify and provide new products, offers and discounts.

He stressed that he is working hard to make this initiative a success so that the model becomes popular in the Sultanate's governorates. He said, “I hope young Omanis who wish to start their own projects take inspiration from this project. This is a great business option for them. This is also great alternative for Omani or resident consumers in Oman to shop.”

Al Hajri revealed of plans to add more product lines and offer home delivery services in the near future. 

N.S.S. Subramanian, Group General Manager, Oasis Water Company LLC (A Zubair Group Company) said: “We have started this new initiative of Biladi Mart last year with an objective of engaging local entrepreneurs in our successful journey. The last one year was a learning curve for all the stakeholders. Going forward, we have decided to include more and more value for money offers to attract more consumers in to Biladi Mart.”

The Biladi Mart model has been designed in a way that makes it easier to be adopted and replicated across other shops; Zubair SEC and Oasis Logistics will put all effort to create further opportunities for SMEs to adopt such models..

The business model, feasibility study, designing, structuring, branding, and implementation of the Biladi Mart wholesale shop has been executed by Zubair SEC in collaboration with Oasis Logistics and Modern Nature World following the announcement of the DSP winners in February 2016.

Zubair SEC, a social responsibility initiative of The Zubair Corporation, has been keenly investing in business development opportunities for its members by collaborating with the Zubair Group companies in many cases and other leading organisations in the Sultanate. Demonstrating good will, many Zubair Group companies have joined forces with Zubair SEC to explore collaboration in support of SMEs in the Sultanate.

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