Zubair SEC signs collaboration agreement with Fursah youth committee in Buraimi
Wednesday, June 20, 2018

To help aspiring and young entrepreneurs focus on achieving their business objectives, Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) has signed a collaboration agreement with Fursah youth committee in Buraimi, an initiative which falls under the umbrella of Al Nahda Sport Club.

This signing provides a framework under which Zubair SEC and Fursah youth committee will coordinate collaborative activities. As per the outline of the agreement, Zubair SEC will engage with the youth in Buraimi through workshops and trainings which will be held in the conference halls of Al Nahda Sport Club every month. The signing of the agreement will encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to approach Zubair SEC for business diagnosis and advisory services.

Expressing delight over signing the agreement Ali Shaker, Business Advisor at Zubair SEC said, “Zubair SEC will remain one of the first touchpoints for SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs in Buraimi. The objective of signing the agreement is to reach out to youth who seek to build a career in entrepreneurship. This will help young entrepreneurs around Buraimi receive access to right information from experts at Zubair SEC. Owing to this the youth can get into entrepreneurship and start with the correct tools that will enable them to be successful entrepreneurs. Zubair SEC has been extending support to every section and age group through its reach out programmes and this signing also is part of the same effort. Zubair SEC is committed to helping young Omani entrepreneurs achieve their goals in business and innovation.”

He added, “The Fursah youth committee has been engaging with the young people and implementing support programmes that address the needs of youth in Buraimi. We are pleased to collaborate with a committee that has great vision.”

Thanking Zubair SEC, Waleed bin Abdullah Al Badi said, “As we all know SMEs and entrepreneurs are going to be the backbone of the Sultanate. Zubair SEC has been rendering outstanding service to the community by promoting competitiveness and innovation in relation to entrepreneurship.

The centre has helped a number of youngsters across Oman to accelerate people’s plans to set up their first business. It is wonderful that they will now be accessible to the youth in Buraimi and we are indeed grateful for this opportunity. It is important to come up with workshops and training to equip young Omanis with skills that will enable them venture into entrepreneurship. Such programmes will prepare them with the knowledge in areas such as business development, marketing, and much more. I urge to the youth of Buraimi and nearby areas to make best use of the sessions.”

Zubair SEC had previously conducted a workshop for Fursah youth committee during the 2018 roadshow for Direct Support Programme which is considered one of the most important competitive programmes in the field of entrepreneurship in the Sultanate.

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