Z-Corp completes fifth module of executive leadership development programme
Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp) successfully completed five out of the eight modules of the Executive Leadership Development Programme (ELDP). A special event held to mark the occasion was attended by shareholders, senior management team, ShiftIN Partners and ELDP participants.

With an objective to help high potential employees of its group companies to move into senior management positions, Z-Corp had launched the world’s leading leadership development courses two years ago.

At the event held to mark the completion of the fifth module, Hani Mohammed Al Zubair, Executive Director expressed contentment over the progress of the ELDP programme.

He said, “We have embarked on a comprehensive upgrade of the organisation to meet tomorrow’s leadership and human capacity demands. We are extremely happy the way this programme is progressing. Participants have benefited immensely from the exposure and knowledge they have received from international experts. The programme will enable the group to build the next generation of professional leaders.”
The session focused on ‘Influence and Negotiations’ involved intensive and interactive learning methodology. Carlos Guevara, founding partner of ShiftIN Partners, presented a brief on the ELDP talents performance.

Waleed Nasser Al Yarubi, group head, Human Resources, The Zubair Corporation said, "We are committed to growing our talent. When it comes to talent development, Z-Corp is a role model in Oman and also the region. Participants of the ELDP Programme launched by Z-Corp as part of its SEED initiative, have said that the course has offered them an opportunity to gain invaluable experience and exposure. ELDP is about identifying, nurturing and promoting talent. We are happy that this initiative demonstrates that we value our staff and invest in their development and in the company's future.”

Mohammed Al Balushi, Commercial Development Manager, Zubair Automotive Group LLC explained that ELDP programme has provided all the participant’s extensive exposure and unique experience. He said, “We are very lucky to have been selected for a course of this calibre. At the fifth module we had the opportunity to learn more about the difference between negotiation and dialogue. Specialists guided us on how to utilise special tools for the benefit of the organisation. We are proud to be part of Z-Corp that invests so much in its employees”

Moosa Al Hasani, assistant general manager, Al Hilal Investment Company said, "There is no doubt that negotiation skills are an imperative part of doing business. In today's connected and progressively competitive market, the aptitude to negotiate effectively is more highly valued than ever before. This module helped us again a lot of skills with regards to negotiation. In the emerging competitive world, one needs to focus on continuous development for self-improvement as well as for the sustainability of the companies or the business that they are in. This programme is a unique opportunity for all of us to learn new techniques. I am very grateful to Z-Corp for providing us this opportunity to participate in this extraordinary programme.”

Mohammed bin Hassan Al Tamari, Deputy General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Zubair Furnishing said, “ELDP is a great opportunity provided by Z-Corp which has helped me in multi-faceted development. The fifth module of the programme highlighted the scientific methods to follow in negotiation. I would like to laud the commitment of Z-Corp top management for investing in us employees and leaders.”
ELDP is a holistic, rotational three years programme designed to equip participants with hands-on experience in different key roles across Z-Corp. The ELDP consists of several modules, covering a broad aspect of leadership subjects including, strategy, innovation, leadership, risk management and corporate social responsibility.

An online lecture on the ‘Influence of Culture on the Process of Business Negotiations’ was presented by Professor Andy Preston, one of the world’s top sales gurus, international sales motivational speaker and sales trainer and coach. Professor Andy has trained more than 120,000 trainees in 29 countries since 2004 and has been awarded multiple times as the world's top recommended sales expert and influencer.  

During the fifth module session, the participants were provided the essential tools to improve confidence and performance at their workplace, through the effective use of business negotiation and influencing skills practiced in the Middle East and around the world. The session covered the structure of the negotiating process, giving talents the effective negotiation strategies and skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive and dynamic business scenarios.

The event concluded with the distribution of certificates for the ELDP talents who have successfully completed the 5th module.

ELDP is an initiative designed in-house by the Z-Corp team and delivered in partnership with ShiftIN Partners; an internationally recognised consulting and training firm specialised in strategy execution and innovation, with strong focus on capability building. 

ELDP, the first of its kind in Oman, was held particularly in line with government strategy and intention to promote Omanis to high management position in private sector organisations. The main aim of the programme was to elevate the capability of existing resources and prepare them for future leadership position.

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